Germs are everywhere. They can be in the air we breathe, the food we eat, or any surfaces we touch. Whether it’s peak flu season or not, we’re all exposed to many different viruses, bacteria and pathogens – especially while on an airplane sitting among 150+ people on average. Exercising good airport hygiene can help eliminate some of the chances of picking up harmful germs.

Your immune system protects you against these infectious agent but travelling can be stressful and usually limiting to one’s sleep schedule. Your body can quickly become run down lending itself to be more susceptible to infection. Knowing how to protect yourself against these germs in large public environments can lessen your chances of falling ill.

You can protect yourself from harmful germs by exercising a few simple steps when travelling.

  1. Take Vitamins Prior to Airport Travel – Focus on Vitamin C
  2. Wash Your Hands While in Restroom
  3. Utilize Hand Sanitizer After TSA Check Points
  4. Wipe Seat Backs and Tray Tables with Disinfectant
  5. MicroShield 360™

You must remember that you do have some control over how an environment impacts you but it’s also the responsibility of the facility to protect those travelling within their confines. Proper cleaning and disinfection protocols should be maintained at all times and re-evaluated on a routine basis as technology advancements improve safety while also reducing incumbent costs.

Advanced Hygienic Solutions is an antimicrobial disinfectant that is applied to all surfaces. It is EPA registered and FDA approved for food contact surfaces. It reduces the chances of cross-contamination, eliminates most odors. It will protect a surface for one year from >99% of germs, bacteria and pathogens. For three years, it will prevent mold growth. In recent studies, it has been found to be a great solution for both leather and textile surfaces.

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